The pleasure of skiing, the fun of snowboarding, the pure bliss of ski tours and the joys of sledging – all to be enjoyed at the highest ski village in Styria!

Higher pleasures

When a thick blanket of snow covers the mountain pines like a cosy quilt, Planneralm awakes to embrace new life.

These hillsides and forests transform into a magical winter wonderland for everyone who loves snow and winter sports!

Perhaps you’re not the tallest, or maybe, at 111-years-old, you’re no longer the youngest – but none of these things matter at Planneralm. Everyone is welcome!.

At Planneralm they know what it is that really impresses their winter visitors. On the one hand, it’s the UNIQUE LOCATION (the HIGHEST SKI VILLAGE in Styria) and on the other hand, it is the best snow. These are the things that bring skis and skiers alike to higher realms of winter pleasure.

Of course, some treasures are hidden, buried in the deep snow, and every Tuesday, there is the opportunity for young explorers to search for them. Winter snow fun is also possible without skis – discover more on Wednesdays when the local Ski School invites you to spend the afternoon with them.

The early bird catches the worm!

When the snow is really powdery, the Ski School hosts a special “Freeride Powder Breakfast” – here you have the opportunity to be the first on the pistes. Enjoy the untouched, freshly fallen snow and then pull over for a delicious breakfast – this is not for sleepy heads, but definitely for those who are hungry for a great experience!


Blue: 3 km

Red: 11 km

Black: 2 km


4-seater chair-lift: 2

T-bar lift: 2

Magic carpet: 3


T +43 3683 / 81 28


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