The mighty mountain, that watches over his valley.


The Grimming.



There he is.


Between the Ennstal and the Salzkammergut. THE GRIMMING. With its magnificent 2,351 m, we lovingly call him”DER BERG” (“THE MOUNTAIN”).

LARGE AND POWERFUL with its unmistakable form, it greets from afar. It slopes steeply on three sides and runs gently to the west. This mountain, long thought to be the largest in Styria, was given the name “Mons Styriacus altissimus”, now we know for sure:


The highest, freestanding
mountain massif all over Europe.


There is something magical about him, something that captivates you – yes, maybe even enchants you.

Hold the old man forever. On your mobile phone, your camera and in your memories. Once the THE GENTLE GIANT first of all pulled into his spell, the LONGING guaranteed not to go away.


I have to go up.


It is hardly surprising that not only many locals feel connected to Grimming in a special way and at least once in their lives “have to” stand on SUMMIT OF THIS MOUNTAIN. This mountain is a CHARACTER. And hikers and mountaineers from near and far are only too well convinced of this personally.

It starts comfortably in the valley. From there many WALKS lead to the Grimming. In the end they are all challenging, but the summit victory is all the more memorable and scenically impressive.


Grimming over southeast ridge and back over the Multereck



Top view of the Grimming: Hike to Hohe Trett



Mountain with history(s).


Dreamy natural landscapes and animated HIKING TRAILS can be found around the Grimming. The majestic mountain is also the setting for numerous STORIES AND LEGENDS entwine around the majestic mountain. One of the most famous is the GRIMMINGGATE dof the venerable local poet Paula Grogger. If you take a close look, you can even see the gate she described with the naked eye.

The famous Austrian fairytale poet FOLKE TEGETTHOFF has also “dedicated himself” to the mountain and its valley, addressing his latest saga to it, and revealed the secret of …


How the mountain and the valley got there exactly,
where they are now.


After the earth was created, with the PARADISE and lots of water all around, God thought that this was BEAUTIFUL, BUT A BIT BORING sei. So he tore rocks from the depths of the sea and distributed them in paradise. At the Himalayas he caught almost too much of the good. At Ayers Rock he made a mistake, but left it at that because it looked so nice. He threw a Kilimanjaro to Africa, a Matterhorn to Europe. He liked it so much that soon there was hardly anything left of the flat paradise. Finally he distributed a few thousand volcanoes so that there would also be chimneys – his little ball filled with fire could not be extinguished.

“Now is enough for now”, God said, satisfied, allowed himself a whiskey and a cigar (which he ignited on Vesuvius) and just wanted to take a little nap when he noticed that there was a small, A TINY LITTLE ROCK between his fingers. He took it, wanted to wash it off in one of the seas, when he saw that this thing had an DEAREST SHAPE and it would have been a shame to give it back to the sea.

“Well, where do we put you,” God murmured and searched his beloved earth, his masterpiece, for a suitable place. And after some looking and after some trying in the … yes, exactly, you already suspect it, in the ENNS VALLEY – which of course at that time, 50 million years ago still had no name, just as God did not suspect that one would give this very special, because nevertheless the last, which he created, that one would give this mountain later the name ‘GRIMMING’.

“Well, but now,” he said contentedly and was just about to go to well-deserved rest when he heard a voice. UH, SORRY”, whispered something through the infinite vastness of space, “I don’t want to be impudent, but I still have a A LITTLE REQUEST.“ God looked, a little angered at the blue ball because of the new disturbance, until he saw where the whisper came from: It was the little mountain called Grimming. “Yes,” God asked. “I’m really grateful,” the Grimming replied, “that I can be here. BEAUTIFUL SURROUNDINGS, NICE DINOSAURS, EVERYTHING SUITS ME. But I, if it is not too impudent, would have still another small wish. “Yes, please?”, God asked with a somewhat irritated voice. “At the bottom of the sea there was such a SUPERDUPER VALLEY. n front of me. If it doesn’t cause you too much trouble, I would find it extremely nice when …”

God first had to take a deep breath: Was this really the very first earthly demand, the very first request, the very first wish? No one had ever dared to question GODS CREATION. Everything he had created so far was as it was. Point. And he thought to himself: “If only this Eve and this Adam, whom I am tinkering with right now, wouldn’t notice. Then it’s over with my calm.” So he quickly reached into the sea … “If I may say something,” he heard the whisper again, “a little further to the left, at about 7,000 m depth. Thank you! God twisted his eyes, grabbed the valley and put it in front of his mountain’s feet. „OKAY?! Can I still serve with something? All to your satisfaction, Mr. Berg?!“

So the valley came to the mountain, or the mountain to the valley. Or the Donnersbach valley to the Grimming and for this reason not somewhere else – of course Kilimanjaro could have asked for it. Then people in Donnersbachwald would sweat a lot now.