The mighty mountain, that watches over his valley.


The Grimming.



There it is.


Standing tall between the Ennstal and Salzkammergut regions; THE GRIMMING.
At an impressive height of 2,351m, it is proudly referred to around here as

LARGE AND POWERFUL and with its unmistakable form, it is instantly recognisable from afar. It has steep slopes on three faces and a more gentle slope which runs to the West. This mountain was long considered to be the largest in Styria and was given the name “Mons Styriacus altissimus”. Nowadays, we know that the Grimming is actually:


The highest, freestanding mountain in Europe.


There is indeed, something quite magical about it; something that really captivates you – something that perhaps even enchants you.

It will stay with you forever – whether in the many photos you’ll undoubtedly take or in the wonderful memories that will be planted in your mind’s eye. Once this GENTLE GIANT has captured your imagination and you have succumbed to its powers, it will take a while for the spell to wear off!


I feel it calling me.


It is not at all surprising that the locals feel a special connection to the Grimming. Many feel that they ‘have to’ have stood on the SUMMIT OF THIS MOUNTAIN. at least once in their lives. The Grimming feels as if it has its own CHARACTER. At least, hikers and mountaineers, from near and from far, are convinced that it does!

Leading off from a comfortable start in the valley, there then are many different routes that will take you to the summit. At the end of the day, all routes are quite challenging, but getting to the summit is really worth is for the memories and the very impressive scenery to be enjoyed from the top!


Grimming – route over the southeastern ridge, returning over the Multereck.



For a top view of the Grimming: hike to Hohe Trett.



A Mountain with a history.


Natural landscapes that dreams are made of. Stunning and exciting HIKING TRAILS These are the things that you will find around the GRIMMING. This majestic mountain is also the setting for numerous STORIES AND LEGENDS. One of the most famous is the GRIMMINGGATE, by the great local poet, Paula Grogger. If you take a close look, you will even be able to see the gate that she describes!

The famous Austrian poet and writer of fairy tales, FOLKE TEGETTHOFF has also dedicated a lot of his work to this mountain and the valley it lies in. In his latest ode to the mountain, he revealed the secret of …


How the mountain and the valley came to be and where they are now …


After the Earth had been created, when it was PARADISE and there was lots of water all around, God thought that this was BEAUTIFUL, BUT A BIT BORING. So he then tore rocks from the depths of the sea and distributed them around paradise. With the Himalayas he really outdid himself. Ayers Rock was an interesting one – but he left it because it looked nice. He threw Kilimanjaro to Africa, and the Matterhorn to Europe. He liked the mountains so much that soon there were hardly any flat areas left in paradise.

Lastly, he distributed a few thousand volcanoes so that there would also be some chimneys – his little fire balls were impossible to extinguish. “That’s enough for just now”, said God. Satisfied with his work, he celebrated with a glass of whisky and a cigar (which he ignited using the lava on Vesuvius). He was ready to take a little nap when he noticed that there was still a small, TINY LITTLE ROCK, between his fingers. He wanted to wash it off in one of the seas, but then noticed that it had the most ENDEARING SHAPE and it would have been a waste to put it back in the sea.

“Well, where on Earth shall we put you?”, thought God to himself, and searched his beloved masterpiece for a suitable place. After some searching and some trial and error he chose … yes, that’s right, you guessed it … the ENNS VALLEY – which, of course at that time (50 million years ago) had not yet been named. Just as God did not know back then that we would name the very last mountain that he created; the ‘GRIMMING’.

“Well, now I am finished”, he said contentedly and was just about to settle down for a well-deserved rest when he suddenly heard a voice. “Uh, sorry”, whispered something through the infinite vastness of space, “I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but could I possibly make A LITTLE REQUEST.

God looked down, a little annoyed by the blue-green ball that had just disturbed his peace. There he saw where the whisper had come from; it was from the little mountain called Grimming. “Yes”, said God. “Thank you for everything”, said the Grimming, “I am really happy where you have put me. There are BEAUTIFUL SURROUNDINGS, NICE DINOSAURS, EVERYTHING SUITS ME FINE. But, if I may dare to be so bold, I have another very small wish. “Yes?”, God asked, in a somewhat irritated voice. “At the bottom of the sea there was such an INCREDIBLE VALLEY laid out in front of me. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble for you Sir, I would find it extremely nice if …”

God took a deep breath. Was this really the first earthly demand? The first request? The first desire? No one had ever dared before to question GOD’S CREATION. Everything God had created so far was perfect just as it was. He thought to himself; “mmm … well if this Adam and Eve, who I am working on right now, won’t notice … then I suppose it wouldn’t matter too much.” So he quickly reached back into the sea. “Uhm … may I just quickly add something?”, he heard the whisper again. “You have to reach a little further to the left, at a depth of about 7000 metres. Thanks you!” God rolled his eyes, grabbed the valley and laid it at the mountain’s feet. OKAY! HAPPY NOW? Is there anything else you would like me to do for you Mr. Mountain?!”

So that is how things came to be; how the valley came to the mountain or the mountain came to the valley. At least it is how the Donnersbach valley came to be near the Grimming and didn’t end up somewhere else! Of course, Kilimanjaro could have asked for it as well. But then the people of Donnersbachwald would be a little bit sweatier than they are here.