Summer in Grimming-Donnersbachtal
in Schladming-Dachstein


Experience quiet adventures in adventurous tranquility. Yes, that …



The Mountain. The Valley. Your Summer.

The MOUNTAIN is where to EXPERIENCE the most pleasant summer temperatures. CLEAR blue SKIES and crystal clear WATER. The meadows on the hillsides and in the valley are in full BLOOM. Even the locals are blooming!

Everything is ready and waiting in eager anticipation for your arrival; the lakes and hiking trails, the footpaths and fairways. EVERYTHING IS WAITING. FOR YOU.

Mountain. Valley. You.

The mountain and the valley are happy to give you whatever your heart DESIRES. The most important thing is that you give yourself TIME to ENJOY the experience. TAKE YOUR TIME.

Top 5 – Summer To Dos.

THE MOUNTAIN and THE VALLEY introduce you to: Places, in which you can succumb to the scents of the SUMMER TRANQUILITY. Water, that is so intoxicating that you’ll want to drink it all up in one go. And SENSATIONS, that couldn’t be calmer. Yes, come and see for yourself. In Grimming-Donnersbachtal that all makes sense.


The summit pool at the Riesneralm really does top it all off nicely with some wet finishing touches. One of a kind!


Probably the highest herbal apothecary there is, can be found at the Planneralm.


Get ready to rock-out with our two gorge -ous superstars in Wörschach and Donnersbach.


The warmest lake in the whole Ennstal region. A wonderful place – and not just great for swimming!


These two really are made for each other! Cycling and hillwalking make a perfect pair in the Mountain and the Valley.

Mountain and valley – the way of our life.


The day before 1. May

Spring has triumphed over Winter. What a great reason to celebrate! The Maypole is erected using a great team effort the day before the 1st May celebrations commence. The preparations include procuring a Spruce with the bark stripped off. Of course, the treetop is allowed to remain; it is a symbol of fertility and vitality and is decorated with lots of colourful ribbons. The tree is then guarded for three days to protect it from “tree-felling groups” and then we leave God in charge and trust that he will give us a good spring.


12th – 15th May 2020

“Pankraz, Servaz, Bonifaz; these three men, clear the way for summer to come again.” Whether or not we get to celebrate the “Icemen’s” Saint’s days or not, depends mainly on what sort of weather they bring us. But they don’t have a great reputation. During these days they often return with a cold front and kill off all the May flowers. That’s the reason why we have to wait patiently to plant our vegetables, fruits and flowers until the woman who accompanies the icemen finally arrives; “The Cold Sophie”. Indeed, “You are not safe from frosts at night, until Sophie is out of sight.” Every little bit of local country lore helps and; it makes sense.


21st June 2020

The higher the jump, the better the harvest. Well that’s what we say anyway. And what are we jumping over? Over the solstice fire! In the mountains, we light it during the shortest night of the year and then we dance and sing together. “Why?” You might well ask! Because it protects, cleanses and brings us light and life. That’s what we believe. And because it can still be quite chilly in the mountains during the evening, the fire warms us too. As a keepsake, we gather a bouquet of different mountain herbs and take them back into the valley with us where we hang them on our front doors. Nothing can go wrong now…



When autumn arrive in the valley and we begin to see the fruits of our labours, thanksgiving celebrations pop up all over the place. Thanksgiving parades involve carrying a “thanksgiving crown” through the towns. The crown is made from rye, wheat, barley and oats. The church is also then decorated with special offerings from the (hopefully) rich harvest. Accompanied by music, traditional delicacies and the odd glass or too (with added blessings of course), everyone rewards themselves for all their hard work.