Ski touring on Mt. Mölbegg


A classic ski tour that transports you to a gallery of magnificent views.

Ski touring on Mt. Mölbegg

Here, the sky really is the limit! Right from the outset, things are starting to look up, and up and up you go until it’s all plain sailing (or better – plain skiing!) You’ll not need to lose your grip on this tour, cause that fur under your skies will keep you keeping on! And stick at it you should, because this is without a doubt one of the most heavenly ski tours the Schladming-Dachstein region has to offer!

Yes, there is such a thing as a mountain which is so attractive you can’t resist being drawn towards it – whatever the season! The ski tours that Mt. Mölbegg has to offer enjoy an excellent reputation within the ski touring community. Suffice to say, the good news about this location is spreading as far as the views that these tours offer!





Let’s get going! The starting point for the route at “Hochbär” also provides the first viewpoint. The slopes quickly become forest-free and give you the space to make your own trails in the snow. The easy-to-follow route leads you onwards through a spruce forest. After an incline of 200 metres, the spruce start thinning out and the views just keep getting better and better. You’ll really feel you’ve earned those panoramic views after using all your energy and strength to reach the top (an ascent of nearly 900 metres!) At the 2080 metre summit, let your thoughts flow freely and, if you like, you can capture them in the summit book.

Whether you take shorter or longer breaks, whether you’re a great skier or whether you’re still improving, Mölbegg mountain in Donnersbach has something for everyone. Here you will enjoy a wonderful summit experience and the freedom of wide open slopes for sweeping and swerving down the mountain. This is a place where great memories are made and before they fade, you’ll just need to come back and refresh them!

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Fotocredit Mölbegg: Christian Kalsberger