The warmest lake in the whole Ennstal region. A wonderful place – and not just great for swimming!


The Putterer Lake lies against a stunning backdrop in the region of Aigen in Ennstal. The lake has not been formed from rivers or streams flowing into it, rather it is fed solely from underground springs. OUTSTANDING WATER QUALITY is guaranteed and entirely natural for this moor lake. And to ensure PLEASANT TEMPERATURES, this lake warms up reliably like no other.


At Putterer Lake you can SURF and PADDLE, you can BATH and TRAIN, you can CLIMB and PLAY. Ungeheuerlich ist das CAFÉ LOCHNESS is a bit monstrous to be sure – but luckily only by name! There is also the cosy FLOATING FINNISH SAUNA, which was created based on a project done by the Raumberger School. And for something a bit more unusual there is the “Seegangal”- if you want to try the traditional game of tag at the lake.


13 hectares large, 8 metres deep, 550 metres long and 330 metres wise, and that’s without any rough edges!


Fishing was apparently quite popular at Putterer Lake during the Middle Ages. Back then it became all fished-out. It was “almost barren due to overfishing” complained the sovereign, and later Kaiser Freidrich III, in the year 1447. With this in mind, he entrusted the supervision of the lake to the Ennstal District Magistrate and forbade anyone else to fish there “so that the lake could once again be appreciated in all its splendour and glory and be used properly.” Well, the Kaiser can rest assured: the Putterer Lake is still full of splendour today, despite being OFFICIALLY ALLOWED TO FISH there.


The region is a perfect training area for triathletes. For many years now it has been home to the PUTTERERSEE TRIATHLONS, which honestly, and quite well-deservedly, are already renowned as being amongst the best of their kind. The Olympic distances are a 1.5 km swim, before heading to the bike circuit for a further 41 km and finishing off with a 10 km run.