Chapeau, World Record Snowman!


The Riesneralm in Donnersbachwald is home to
the biggest snowman of all time.


World’s biggest snowman in the Riesneralm!

Where is the largest snowman of all time? Of course – in the mountain & the valley! Gerhard Peer and his team have actually managed to break the world record at the RIESNERALM IN DONNERSBACHWALD.


The previous GUINNESS WORLD RECORD was 37.21 metres. In 2008 a stately snow woman was piled up in Maine, USA, for this purpose. The answer will come from a 300-SOULS-VILLAGE in the heart of Austria in 2020:

38.04 Metres called “Riesi”.

It took a whole series of men (free from giddiness), TENS OF SHOVELS, a DIGGER, a HIGH PERFORMANCE MILLING MACHINE and even a CRANE to build the highest snowman of all times at the foot of the Riesneralm in a construction period of approx. 40 days. In 2020, the Donnersbachwalds cross-country ski run gave way to a huge area on which the snowman stands with his 30 METER DIAMETER.

First, the builders pushed a base of about 20 meters and then built a ring in steps of meters upwards. He is athletic through and through and slimmer towards the top. So it was an all-round SPORTSMENLIKE GOAL, that the GRIMMING-DONNERSBACHTAL holiday centre in the SCHLADMING-DACHSTEIN tourism region has set for itself. All the greater the joy that Gerhard Peer and his team have now actually achieved it.

Hats off, Riesneralm!

To experience LIVE how the snowman in the RIESNERALM rises in the sky is very easy. Stop by in Donnersbachwald or follow our snowman on Facebook as well as our WEBCAMS and experience how he grows day by day.

Snowman’s World Record Party.

On FEBRUARY, 1ST, 2020 there wa a big celebration! After the OFFICIAL APPROVAL by judges of the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS, the WORLD RECORD finally fell and the valley station of the Riesneralm was transformed into a single OPEN AIR PARTY. Live music nd a few cases of sparkling wine kept the party mood high until deep into the night. Even Riesi, the snowman, laughed along.

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