Please let us introduce ourselves …


Grimming-Donnersbachtal Tourism Board
in Schladming-Dachstein



The mountain. The valley.

Things are a bit different here,
in GRIMMIMG-DONNERSBACHTAL, a delightful jewel to be found amidst the bustling Schladming-Dachstein holiday region.

A place where world-class ski slopes meet traditional alpine lodges. Where rugged wilderness basks in pleasant pockets of warm sunshine.

That’s us – the mountain and the valley. And we’re here for you!

You are more than welcome to enter our world. It is our pleasure to place our DISTINCTIVENESS on display so that you can read, see and feel that Grimming-Donnersbachtal really is “A BIT DIFFERENT”. It is actually quite a challenge to present the region from its most attractive side, because it has so many! How hard it is to choose from amongst the extensive variety of special places, hidden treasures, people and their stories, when new and exciting things continue to pop up around every corner.

Here you will find a few tales of tranquil ADVENTURES and adventurous TRANQUILITY; of beautiful nature and of natural beauty; of the mountain and of the valley.

Whether winter, spring, summer or autumn, make yourself comfortable and take some time to discover more about our Grimming-Donnersbachtal.

You’ll see, it …


Winter in Grimming-Donnersbachtal

CRISP WHITE SNOW has covered the mountain and the valley and has brought with it a sense of peace. Nature is sleeping and you FIND YOURSELF MESMERISED by its calm breaths.


to enjoy tranquil adventures and adventurous tranquility.

You’ll see, it makes sense.